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Writing On The Wall Lyrics

I can’t see you at all
There’s that writing on the wall
It says that you are not the one for me
I will tear you apart but I’ll occupy your heart
And you’ll be screaming loudly to be free
You were there at the start
You monopolised my heart
Just sayin’ all the time I love you so
I knew you’d pull me down
each time you rolled into town
I didn’t know which way the wind would blow

Just like Humpty Dumpty on that wall
Just like Humpty man you’re gonna fall

You can’t see me no more
You just walk right out the door
Head down the road that takes you out of town
Take a turn to the right till I’m so far outta sight
And I’m the one left lookin’ like a clown
And I’m the one left lookin’ a like a clown

(repeat from Chorus)

And I’m the one left lookin’ a like a clown

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