Songs 4 Children is dedicated to giving children and teachers a means of finding the joy in music together. The songs are relevent to most aspects of any primary school curriculum, and can be linked to many areas of childhood development and creative activities.
The songs and the site are designed in such a way as to take the hassle out of teaching music, and give confidence to teachers to take the ideas and make the songs their own.
The emphasis is on fun, with happy tunes and vibrant performing, allowing children of all ages to express themselves.

Barbara Stacey has spent her life devoted to all aspects of improving children's musicality. She has many years as a children's educator, working extensively with choirs, percussion, recorder and bands in Sydney's southern suburbs. She has worked in an advisory capacity to the NSW Education department and is a published writer with ABC Sing books. Barbara has produced and sold 4 separate CD's, which form the basis of the material for the site.
The CD's and books  are available for sale at Engadine Music in Sydney.

Barbara would like to thank the following people who performed and produced the music found on the site.

Come to the Beach
Arranged by Ants Neeme, produced by Ants Neeme and Andrew Bee
Kid's voices: Jasmin Piho, James Hennin, Tahlia Mansfield, Sarah Western, Karen Derbridge, Jaime King
Adult's voices: Mina Kanaridis, Joshua Quong Tart. Special guest appearance by Andrew Bee.

Thanks to  Sylvia van der Stratten for the cute illustrations in all the productions.

Come To The Barbeque
Arranged and recorded by Kylie Burtland,
Acknowledgements and thanks to Janelle Baglin, Joan Burtland, Judy Bedard, Denise Morgan, Diane Mansfield, Marco Garlato, the staff and students of Miranda North Public School.

A Corkscrew Tale - a Musical  for Children
Arranged by Ants Neeme, Recorded by Michael Roberts
With the voices of Carly Van Beek, Andrew Box, Karen Derbridge, Megan Doyle, Ben Ghislain, Adam Julian, Phyl Lobl, Barbara Stacey, Jasmin Piho
Thanks to Sauming Ho for the extra training of children's voices .For liberal doses of insane advice during the writing of this musical, I thank friend and colleague Judy Bedard.

Bertie Bunyip - A Musical for Children
Music arranged and recorded by Adrienne Irving.
Vocals by Michaela Irving and Pascal Herrington. Thanks Adrienne for all your help way back at the beginning.   Also for trying out songs on your classes. Not to mention inviting me to concerts. Wonderful

Michael Roberts needs a special thankyou for his gentle enthusiasm and amazing musicality and of course his recording skills, without Michael this project wouldn't have  happened and I look forward to the next songs he'll record for me.

 And gratitude to Ants Neeme, my musical guru for many years!

Thanks to Pete Mcdonald for his musical know how and expertise on "Finale" program, and by the way, if you need a band for your party- (80's or jazz) or musical tuition in Jazz and piano- visit www.petemcdonald.com.au

And to Wayne Curran, thanks for recording "Teddy's Bare" with the lovely voice of Colleen Spillane and kids, Sarah Cullen, Ellie and Matilda Mcdonald.

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