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I've Got a Cold Lyrics

I've got a cold.

I've gotta cold, (ah-choo)
I'm nearly dead,(ah-choo)
I've gotta cold,
it's in my head,
My Mum says rest (ah-choo)
and stay in bed (ah-choo)
I feel so bad (ah-choo)
my nose is red. (ah-choo)
Drink lots of water, or dehydrate,
some chicken soup now,
would be great.
squash up some garlic
with vitamin c
squish a few lemons
in herbal tea

It's nearly gone, (Hooray)
It's just a sniff (Hooray)
no tissues now, or handkerchief, (Hooray)
I'm sure I'm well (hooray)
just take a look, (hooray)
My eyes are clear, I'm not so crook,

I see the kids, (hang on)
I hear them shout (hey mate)
Hey Mum it's time,
time to go out (wait there)
we'll play some ball (OK)
I'm well you see (Coming)
I'm off to run,
see you for tea.

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