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Teddy's Bare Lyrics

My teddy bear is going bald,
He looks just like my dad,
My teddy bear is going bald
it's very, very sad,
My daddy says it's in the genes
that bear takes after him,
But bear just wears a waistcoat
with bow-tie beneath his chin.
(that's all!)
(What? No trousers?)
(none at all)

My teddy bear is going bald,
I really don't know why,
He has no business worries
and I've never seen him cry,
He's always been a happy bear
A cuddly friend to me,
He hangs around my room all day,
He's always there for tea.
(On time!
He's never late?

My teddy bear is going bald,
It really isn't fair,
but Mum says it's quite fashionable
to go without your hair.
Just look at all those sportsmen
with their heads that shine and glow,
my Ted still is the smartest bear
and I just love him so!

(give me a hug, Teddy)

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