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Come to Dinner Lyrics

There’s a huntsman in the lounge room (huntsman in the lounge room)
A gecko in the hall (gecko in the hall)
And I’m worried ‘bout their safety (worried ‘bout their safety)
When Miss Maggie comes to call (Maggie comes to call)
There’s a cockroach in the kitchen (cockroach in the kitchen)
A-bout to meet his fate (‘bout to meet his fate)
When Miss Maggie rushes in (Maggie rushes in)
She doesn’t need a plate (doesn’t need a plate)


Cause ev’ry one is someone else’s dinner
It’s a sad but true fact of life
Yes ev’ry one is someone else’s dinner
Hey that spider’s just been munched up by his wife!
Tacit: Munch munch munch munch munch GULP!

There’s a goldfish in the pond (goldfish in the pond)
He’s been in there for years (been in there for years)
But a kookaburra gets him (kookaburra gets him)
So I’m standing here in tears (standing here in tears)
There’s a shark out in the ocean (shark out in the ocean)
He’s really on the prowl (really on the prowl)
And he’ll grab a passing surfer (grab a passing surfer)
When his tummy starts to growl (tummy starts to growl)


There’s a croc out in the river (croc out in the river)
Just cruisin’ all around (cruisin’ all around)
If a tourist puts her toe in (tourist puts her toe in)
He’ll swallow her right down (swallow her right down)
There were cannibals in the jungle (cannibals in the jungle)
Way back in history (back in history)
There was nothing they liked better (nothing they liked better)
Than stewed missionary (stewed missionary)

Chorus and Scream:

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Teaching Ideas

Make sure students realise that “Miss Maggie” is a magpie and that a huntsman is a type of common spider.
• Give students a copy of the song and have them underline every living things mentioned

Production Tips

As an assembly item have the other students do the echoes.
Make cardboard animals and hold up at the right time.
Have class members dress up as a tourist, surfer,
cannibal and missionary.
(This could be too politically insensitive to do so
give it some thought first.)