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Cornflakes Lyrics

Spoken: I have a little sister who is really such a pain
When things go wrong at our place
I always get the blame
We both collect those tokens than come in cornflake packs
And if I don’t get there first
I have to try and steal them back!

I want the little Mickeys in the cornflakes

The Minnies and of course the Donald Duck.

When Mum comes from the shop with Cornies on the top,

I rush to help and hope that I’m in luck.

My mother says I should be kind and sharing,

But that stuff doesn’t work for me at all

If I don’t get in first I know I’ll come off worst

I want those Disney stars, I want them all

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Teaching Ideas

• Discuss advertising gimmicks, which help persuade people to buy the product. Do these gimmicks appeal to adults or children?


Production Tips

• Have a soloist for the first time through, then have the whole class sing, changing words to 'He wants' or 'She wants' etc.