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Shopping Lyrics

Shopping, I hate shopping. Looking, looking, looking never stopping
Try those shorts on, now those shoes, Gee I never get to choose,
Shopping I hate shopping all the time.

CHORUS: There's suit shops, fruit shops, things to toot shops,

Shops for curtains and blinds,
There's junk shops, lunch shops, things to munch shops,
I'm going out of my mind.
There's hat shops, mat shops, things to pat shops,
Shops where you can buy cars,
I think it must be Christmas 'cause I'm sure I'm seeing stars!

Shopping, I love shopping,
Looking, looking, looking always stopping.

Try those shorts on, now those shoes, Gee I always get to choose,
Shopping I love shopping all the time.

CHORUS then pick a path. Sing verse 1 and verse 2 together.

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Teaching Ideas

• This song is a tongue-twister. Find other tongue twisters to practice.
• Make a list of your favourite shops.


Production Tips

• Divide the class into a group who likes shopping and a group who does not. Sing a verse each. Then sing the verses together while looking at each other.