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I Love Australia Lyrics

I love Australia, Its endless skies,
Its fragile deserts, its hot meat pies.
I love those sunsets, in W.A.
The kookaburra's laughter, absolutely blows me away!

I love Australia, its southern stars,
Its ferny forests, its Holden cars,
I love the coral, out in the bay,
The cockatoo's screeching positively drives me away!

There's Alice Springs, Uluru and the Olgas,
Kakadu, Tingle Tree, Wave Rock and the Twelve Apostles,
There's Marble Bar, where the sun shines the hottest,
Lighting Ridge, Broken Hill, Gold Coast and quokkas on Rottnest.

I'll leave Australia some sunny day
And fly to places far, far away.
But when I'm walking this old bush track.
The kookaburra's laughter I know will bring me back.

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Teaching Ideas

• Before you teach the song, have the class list the things they love about Australia. Then listen to the song and see if anything on their list was in the song


Production Tips

• Dress the students in hats with corks. Have a giant map on the wall and choose students to point to the parts of Australia as they are mentioned