Come to the Beach > Pimples and Zits

Teaching Ideas


  • Leap into a unit on adolescence and the body changes you can expect. Make sure you have parental permission and your class is the right age
  • Invite a speaker to your class from the local community Clinic or a Nurse or Doctor to talk about adolescence and skin car. 
  • List foods which are helpful to skin. Talk about correct eating and drinking (lots of water). A visit from a dietician would be helpful. Again, in Personal Development have the class list the things about themselves they like, then the parts they would change if they could. Discuss whether the superficial is important.
  • Collect pictures of models from trendy magazines and discuss their looks
  • Collect information on what people really look like. What does a healthy person look like? What exercise might a healthy person pursue? How much exercise does a person need?
  • Find out what an Olympic athlete eats. Find out their daily routine.  Compare that to your daily routine.
  • Visit a chemist and find out what is available if you do have pimples.
  • Try miming with pairs of children.  One is the leader and the other mirrors what the leader is doing.  Swap roles.