Come to the Beach > Traffic Jam

Teaching Ideas


  • Notice that in the music there are notes which are crosses and in that space you can use percussion or voice. Dad could yell out, "We won't make it in time!" Mum could scream, "I want a divorce!" Car horn noises or police sirens would sound entertaining. Look around your room and find things which give interesting sounds (could be garbage tins or lids or legs of chairs). Start by having children clap in these spots
  • List all your favourite sporting stars. choose one to write a paragraph about, collect pictures, and then give a mini talk to rest of class. You could do this activity in pairs
  • Invent some games you could play whilst in a traffic jam. Be able to explain this game to others
  • Discuss ways to keep a driver alert. Talk about best times for travel
  • Plan a trip interstate going 200km a day. Where would you stay? Mark your route on a map showing interesting things you would see along the way
  • Have a debate entitle, "Men are better drivers"