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Teaching Ideas


  • List different types of pasta.  This song mentions some.  Collect pasta and arrange it into a picture. Paint then lacquer to keep. 
  • What are the ingredients in pasta? Which nationality gave us pasta?
  • Many peoples use flour and water in some way as a staple food.  List other foods using these ingredients or similar.
  • Discuss the waves of immigration to Australia and the foods each culture bought.   Talk about the German settlement in South Australia and the Chinese coming for the Gold Rush.
  • What is a "Hills Hoist?" Who invented it? (Lance Hill, 1945 in Glenunga, a suburb of Adelaide.) Look up the meaning of "hoist"
  • Have the class draw up a graph showing how they dry clothes at their place
  • List other things which are peculiarly Australian, e.g. vegemite, Granny Smith apples, Holden cars. Who invented these?