Come to Dinner > A Lotta Questions

Teaching Ideas

Give students a copy of the words of this song. 
Underline all places mentioned.  Notice they have capital letters and are all Proper Nouns.


  • Give the class a map of the world.
  • Mark all the places mentioned.
  • Now find small words within big words and circle e.g. “ant” in “Antarctica”, “jam” in “Jamaica.”
  • Do some research on Barcelona and find the interesting way the King once pronounced “Barcelona.”
  • Can the students find the joke in “sheep in Bahrain?”
  • Find the rest of “the rain in Spain” etc.  Practice speaking the line with perfect diction.
  • Each student could make a list of questions which they would love answered.  Pick the most puzzling one to ask the class.  See if there are any answers.


  • When singing the song, you could split up the lines and give them to pairs or individuals and have the chorus sung by everyone.