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Teaching Ideas

Give students a copy of the words of this song.

  • When singing the chorus all the boys could sing,  "Iwant to go to Queensland" and the girls could sing,  "And I want to go to the snow'" or vice versa.
  • If you have a senior group of students they could analyse the verses, count the syllables and write 4 lines which would be “singable”.
  • Give each member of class a piece of newspaper or similar. 

Try tearing out a map of Australia, don’t forget Tasmania! 

Pick a winner and give them a round of applause.  Pin the winning one up somewhere in the room.

  • Now carefully trace a map of Australia using an atlas and mark in places mentioned.

Queensland, Melbourne, Alice Springs and a remote island (find a few and take your pick). Circle where you would find snow in Australia.

Mark in where you live too.

  • What is “abseiling?”  Where did the word come from?  Illustrate this activity.
  • What is “hot ballooning?”  Illustrate.
    Mention “Holy day” and how it became “holiday.”
  • Think of ways to act out the song.  Choose a Dad, a Mum, a Gran and a Pop.
  • When singing, give the line “I want to go to Queensland” to half the class and “I want to go to the snow” to the other half.  That could be split between girls and boys.