Come to the Beach > Crash

Teaching Ideas

 This song takes a look at a few different accidents but stresses that wearing s seat belt is a good way to increase your chance of survival.

  • Have a class or small group discussion about crashes generally or accidents they have had.  Talk about what caused the crash and what damage was done. Was anyone injured?
  • Make a list of slang words used instead of 'crash'
  • Discuss and record possible reasons for accidents, then work out which could have been preventable. Are they therefore 'accidents'? (Look up meaning of word). Think about speeding, alcohol and tiredness
  • Try and tie this in to the responsibilities you have as a driver, (e.g. you have a licence and are in a fit condition to drive) and the responsibilities of a passenger (you do not distract the driver or encourage irresponsible driving)
  • Read Verse 2. Talk about the reason you see so many kangaroos and other wildlife dead beside the road. Talk about the sweet grass growing here because the grass is cut and the run - off from the road that nourishes it.  You could even add discussion on the aboriginal burning of grass to clear away the dead grass and encourage new growth, kangaroos and therefore dinner! Consider stopping your trip before dusk and saving the animals