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Teaching Ideas


  • This song is a tongue-twister.  Find other tongue twisters to practice.
  • Make a list of your favourite shops.
  • Make a list of shops you hate to enter.
  • Have a brainstorm session of items usually on Mum or Dad’s shopping list.
  • Write a story startling.  “I hate shopping because…” or

“I love shopping because…” or

“If I had $200 my shopping list would include…”

  • Research.  What was shopping like in your Grandmother or Grandfather’s childhood?  Make up suitable questions and interview her/him.  If anyone has a great-grandmother or great-grandfather, interview her/him.
  • Discuss/ write about shopping in the future.  Pick a date like 3014 and pretend you are going shopping.  Do you physically have to be there? What would be on your list? Do you still need money?