Come to the Beach > Rosie La Woof

Teaching Ideas

  • Have children work out where they could add ‘woofs’.  This could be after beat one in bar 2 or after “neighbourhood”.
  • Take a survey in your class of dog owners and cat owners and make a bar graph.
  • List breeds of dogs and discuss the vices ad virtues of each.  Circle working dogs in this list and research one.  Give a talk on the one you chose.  What do you think this dog would dream about?
  • Tell or write about a dream you have had.
  • Find out about training a puppy.  Find contact numbers in the phone book, which would help in the training.
  • Ring the Blind Society and have a speaker with a Seeing Eye Dog visit your school or invite a speaker from the Quarantine Department.
  • Hold a dog/pet show at school.  Go through rules necessary to maintain peace, e.g. all dogs on leads, where to tie up participants, prizes (if any).  Use this activity to raise money for some worthwhile cause.
  • Collect pictures of dogs.  Cut the pictures in half, swap pieces, then try to draw the missing part.