Come to the Beach > I Love Australia

Teaching Ideas

  • Before you teach the song, have the class list the things they love about Australia. Then listen to the song and see if anything on their list was in the song
  • Give the students a map of Australia. Using an atlas, try and mark all the places mentioned. You may need to visit a travel agent or write to each state's tourist bureau for information. (Tingle Tree and Wave Rock are in Western Australia. The Twelve Apostles is a rock formation in the sea off the Victorian coast.)
  • List Australia birds. Students could research one and give a small talk to the class. Do the same for Australia animals
  • With an older class, discuss the key change in verse 3. Try writing the tune out starting on E. Can you still play it on the recorder?
  • Hold a Kookaburra laughing competition in the school playground. While you're there, why not a Cooee competition?